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New and delicious menu items at The Swan with Two Necks

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The weather is changing and so is our menu. We have recently launched some luxurious and luscious new seasonal menu items that are sure to put a spring in your step!

After putting lots of consideration and testing into these new additions, we think this may be our best menu yet. In fact, we found our new Thai curries so tasty that we’re making them a permanent part of our menu! Find out a bit more about the new spring menu here at The Swan with Two Necks.

Scrumptious seasonal starters

Our new menu starts with uplifting classic food and concepts, rethinking them for the modern diner.

British sweet pea & mint ravioli

We’re celebrating that spring staple, the sweet pea, in our British sweet pea and mint ravioli – a flavourful ode to this spring vegetable with vegan feta and Kalamata olives beautifully weaving in its Mediterranean style.

Tempura king prawn cocktail

Another upscaled staple is our tempura king prawn cocktail with meaty, perfectly fried prawns that pair perfectly with the accompanying red pest Marie Rose and avocado and lime puree.

Black pudding & Gruyere croquettes

For those who savour a little richness in their starters, we have the perfect decadent options too. Our black pudding and gruyere croquettes are a decadent way to start any meal. The caramelised pear ketchup and pickled carrot ribbons alongside it cut through the richness and add just a touch of sweetness.

Coq au vin

Or you might try our classic and succulent coq au vin. This rich and flavourful dish is served with a creamy potato puree, baby onions, lardons, mushrooms and jus. And that’s just the starters…

Masterful, mouthwatering mains

As we mentioned before, our team are dedicated to creating considered, delicious culinary experiences for our guests and our new Thai curries really uphold that standard. That’s why we’ve decided to make this offering a permanent part of the menu.

Thai curries

For our fragrant curries, you can build your own perfect plate by simply selecting one of our three aromatic curry bases, red, green or yellow, and pairing it with the mouthwatering protein of your choice. Diners have a choice of crispy beef strips, chargrilled chicken skewers, pan-fried sea bass or chilli marinated king prawn skewers.

But if curry doesn’t fit your palate or you just want to try one of our spring-specific options, there are still incredible mains to consider.

Broccoli & Gorgonzola quiche

Our Broccoli and Gorgonzola quiche with sticky walnuts, crispy roasted lemon potatoes and an herby mixed-leaf salad is an ideal meal for the warm spring evenings.

Garlic glazed plaice fillets

Meanwhile, our garlic glazed plaice fillets, served with nduja and black olive ravioli in a sun blush tomato cream is sure to satisfy anyone searching for something rich and tangy.

Lamb shoulder shepherd’s pie

Looking for something that really fills you with a hearty taste of spring? Try our lamb shoulder shepherd’s pie, topped with an Italian cheese and onion crust and paired with pickled red cabbage.

Pan roasted sea bass

Or take on an elevated seafood feast with our pan roasted seabass, served with king prawns, mussels, garlic glazed new potatoes, a petit dill Caesar salad and a caper and parsley brown butter. 

You can also now add surf and turf to any existing 8oz prime beef burger to really enhance your dining experience!

We’re so thrilled to launch this new spring menu and can’t wait to see your smiling faces here tasting all of it. At The Swan with Two Necks, we always try to deliver a menu that excites and fulfils and we think this menu really exemplifies that. So come on down, book a table and enjoy a veritable spring banquet!

Tempted by the new menu at The Swan with Two Necks? Book your table for a taste today.